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Worried About My Girlfriend Getting Pregnant, Should I Give Her A Pill

Worried About My Girlfriend Getting Pregnant, Should I Give Her A Pill


  28410      06/06/2015

Question –

Hi, I’m an 18 years old boy. I and my Girlfriend had sex today. We always do oral but this time I just lost control. My penis was not well erected and there was no sperm. There was no ejaculation and my penis just touched the tip of her vagina, I did not insert inside just touched from outside, only once and not for longer time, hardly for 2 seconds.

Then she said no, so we didn’t go ahead and we stopped. There was no protection (condom) on my penis. I’m getting worried about it. My question is, is there is any chance of pregnancy? I am thinking of giving her iPill or Unwanted 72. Is it good to take? Please reply fast. I am really worried and tensed.
- Axxx


Expert Advice –


Dear Axxx,

The chances of your girlfriend getting pregnant are very remote. Why I am ambiguous because, when you are excited there comes a fluid secreted by cowpers gland which can be called pre-ejaculatory fluid or precum, usually it does not contain sperm so there is no possibility of pregnancy. But if you had masturbated or had oral sex or sex before this attempt, some sperm may remain in the urethra which will come out along with the precum.  

So in nutshell if you had not ejaculated before this attempt, she will not get pregnant but the chances of her getting an infection like UTI is possible. So Always use a condom while having an intercourse, this not only prevents you from unplanned pregnancies but also STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections).



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