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Worried About A White Spot On The Foreskin, What Should I Do?

Worried About A White Spot On The Foreskin, What Should I Do?


  2280      03/06/2015

Question –

I found a white spot on the foreskin of my penis few days ago even after I used a condom while I had sex. Just for 2-3 minutes I didn’t have condom when I was having sex. I m bit worried about this spot. Though it’s not light but if I don’t put any lotion or oil on it, it’s visible. What to do?



Expert advice –

Dear Paxxxx,


It’s understandable that men can be very concerned if they notice penile spots. They’re frequently worried that they may have some form of cancer. However most spots that you might find there are likely to be completely harmless. Theses spots are not usually a sign of anything very serious. If your skin is brown or black, they may look more prominent

It is not possible to advice without doing your physical examination. I advice to see your skin specialist doctor for the same in your city. Don't feel embarrassed about going to see them because they're used to this type of problem.


Take Care
- Dr Paras Shah



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