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Why Do People Cheat in Relationships? What Are The Reasons of Infidelity & How To Spot Cheating?

Why Do People Cheat in Relationships? What Are The Reasons of Infidelity & How To Spot Cheating?


  2216      16/12/2015

Question –

What are the general reasons that men and women become unfaithful to their partners? Those who have been committed seriously for a long period of time newly married and those bonded in wedding for several years. How do you spot infidelity of a partner and how do u know which kind of people are likely to be unfaithful or cheat if you get committed to them.


Expert Advice –


Infidelity is always tricky. The first thing to know is that a relationship is always a two way street and sometimes people drift apart. As we grow we change and the hope is that we change together and grow together. However, in some relationships the change leads people to drift apart and to stray. When someone cheats they are usually looking for something there are not getting within their own marriage or relationship. It could be physical or even emotional as well. You can prevent infidelity in relationships by being honest in communication and understanding each other’s needs.

Spotting infidelity, well there are several articles written about this but it depends on whether this is a suspicion, a known fact or just a way of being cautious. Based on why you are asking this I will be able to answer your question better. As for your last question, it really depends on the relationship and why they got into that relationship. How strong is that relationship. There is no hard and fast rule. Relationships are dynamic and it is the dynamics between two people that is what needs to be looked at in such a situation. If you have a specific situation you’re concerned about. Do feel free to write in. Wish you all the best.
- Meghna


Follow Up Question –


Hi Meghna, 

As a continuation of my previous query for which you responded promptly. I was asking on “how to spot infidelity” just by way of being cautious. Are there any ways or signs that serve as red flags so you know what they are. Because not everyone might confess it when it comes to marriage and they might not want to split in case of a child or due to any other reason. Is it true that a person who has been a cheat earlier remains the same lifelong?


Follow Up Advice –

Cheating depends on multiple factors. There is no hard and fast rule. It varies from relationship to relationship. It depends on the persons mind set and thoughts at the time of making the commitment. If it is someone you are not in a relationship (dating) with, the biggest sign would be their behaviour. Is he/she consistent? Does he/she want to commit? Is he/she being honest? Does he/she hide when he/she is messaging someone or answer calls only when you can't hear?

These are small signs you may notice during your dating phase. When you mention marriage there are two things. One is the person getting married for the right reasons? People tend to get married due to parental pressure, society pressure, for status, for money, because they are lonely etc. When you get married for the wrong reasons it is always a bigger risk.

Once you are married for whatever reasons, other factors come into play. Like I mentioned it is a two way process. Are both of you trying to fulfill each other’s needs? Are you there for each other? When people feel their needs are not being met they tend to go to others to fulfill that. Of course, there are cases where people have a reputation of cheating but that the signs I mentioned during dating is a good way to identify them.

Good Luck!
- Meghna



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