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Which Optional Subjects Should I Choose For IAS Exam Mains Preparation?

Which Optional Subjects Should I Choose For IAS Exam Mains Preparation?


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Question - 
I have passed 12th with PCM. I left B. tech after 1st year. Now I am a student of BA final year. I want to become an IAS officer. Which subjects for mains exam should I choose? Sociology, geography, education are my subjects in BA. Please tell. 

Expert Advice - 

The UPSC mains has only one optional subject to be chosen unlike before and this consists of two papers of 250 marks each. This has made the task easier for the candidates in choosing the best optional subject. The criterion in doing so is different for different candidates, as such for some it could be choosing a; 

- Subject that is interesting and hence easy to understand
- A subject with a base in their Graduation/PG
- A scoring subject 
- A popular optional
- A subject wherein coaching is available easily
- An optional that has helped many crack the IAS 
- A subject has which an easy availability of books and videos

Let’s start with your BA optional’s;
Geography and sociology along with history, pub ad, psychology and education is considered to be the popular optional subjects for the mains and account for the 50% shares in the final mains result. It has a definite syllabus and also is a semi science subject and candidates who are comfortable with laws, principles and map based questions find it easier to crack. It has always proved to be a scoring subject with some candidates scoring as high as 400+ marks in  the IAS Mains

If your interest lies with topics concerned with the society  of which we are a part of; then opt for Sociology. It could be easy for you to understand. 

Regardless to the above I would suggest that opt for a subject that has a previous base and interests you to the extent that, you enjoy studying it, the subject excites you and does not put you to sleep, helps you be creative while studying it and lastly has books that are easily available. Scoring in a subject is primarily based on these factors, because once you master the subject then scores just flow.

All the best.
- Shehre Banu



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