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Whenever I Talk To a Guy, I Fall in Love. Feeling Uncomfortable

Whenever I Talk To a Guy, I Fall in Love. Feeling Uncomfortable

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Question –

I always feel uncomfortable with opposite gender. I feel I fall for whoever talks with me. I knew it was wrong so I prevented talking with guys. But felt it uncomfortable with my cousins. I could not avoid them. Still I feel very uncomfortable to talk with them

Expert Advice -

Hi Nivetha,

It seems your have had very limited access to moving with boys from your childhood. That may be the reason you get so excited when some guy talks to you. The other possibility is that, you feel that you are unattractive which has brought down your self confidence. So whenever some guy gives his attention you interpret it as if you there is someone who gives you importance you should not lose it, hence you have to revert in the same manner.

You may also be feeling that you are not assertive. So if anybody comes closer to you or proposes to you, you may not be able to say a “no” even if you don’t like them, which makes you feel that, its  better not to take any risks creating avoidance behavior. So try to bring about some positive changes in your dressing grooming and body language which can help you to project yourself as a dynamic person. Be sure of yourself and what you want in a relationship. Also develop assertiveness “the capacity to say NO”. Then start interacting with every male to whom you has access. This will help you become familiar with men and adopt a generalized approach rather than a personal one which will gradually break your barrier.

Best Wishes.

-Manoj Raghavan



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