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When I'm Away From My Girlfriend I Feel Irritated & Start Criticizing Her, Please Guide Me

When I'm Away From My Girlfriend I Feel Irritated & Start Criticizing Her, Please Guide Me


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I am a 22 year old boy; I have been in a relationship for last one year and eight months. On weekends my girlfriend visits me and stays with me and we have fun. But from last two three months I have been noticing that when she is not with me I feel very irritated and my mind starts criticizing her. When she is away I don't feel like talking to her. Although I love her a lot still I don't understand why such a thought come to my mind. Please guide me.

- Rxxx


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Dear Rxxx,

When you are in a relationship for sometime after a while it does get into a routine and sometimes that can affect how we think and feel. In the beginning it is really nice to spend all your time with each other. After a while however, we feel that we need our own space and time. So while you still enjoy the time you spend together, when you’re apart you like to take that time for yourself. 

As for why you feel irritated and critical of her, for that you will have to do a little introspection.


Are you feeling this way because:

- You want more of her time.

- You are beginning to feel bored.

- You are afraid of how serious this maybe becoming.

These are just a few examples. Try to understand why you feel this way. You clearly have feelings for her but you need to figure out how strong these are. Try to picture your life in 2 years and see where she fits in. This may help you see if there is a potential future.

Good Luck

- Meghna Prabhu



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