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What Type of Courses Are Available For Me After M com?

What Type of Courses Are Available For Me After M com?


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Question –            

Respected sir/Ma’am I'm from Moradabad. This year, I have completed M. com final from MJPRU, Bareilly. Now I want to know, what type of courses are available for me after M com. Please suggest me which will be better for me for further education?
- Md Uwais


Expert Advice –

Dear Md Uwais,

After M Com, you can pursue: HR, Management, Accounting, CA, MBA, and IRS (Indian Revenue Services). Add to your skill while you can, elements of computer skills. Doing a CA may help you in setting up your own tax consultant company, which is very lucrative. Indian Revenue Services or the ones in your own state of UP can be a very productive option. You can do a Ph.D and do teaching and research in a college or University or also in any of the thousands of Business schools that are opened and ones that are in process. You have a very bright future if you set up and prioritize your goals.

Best of luck.
- Prof SB Lall


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