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What should I do to excel in my career of teaching?

What should I do to excel in my career of teaching?


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Question -

Hello sir,

Thank you for your advice which you have given me about my career. I have decided to go through my current job that is teaching. I want to know what should I learn or develop for better future in teaching. Should I do any other professional course for the betterment of my teaching profile. Thank you.

(This question came after we addressed one of her queries.)

-  Mini


Expert Advice -

Dear Mini,


It’s great that you have decided to pursue your teaching career and I am sure you will do good in it. To begin let us understand, if you want to continue with teaching the first thing you have to do is to resolve that you will become the best teacher of the country. Second best will be no good. Third best and the rest is a complete no, no. 


With this resolution in place, spend a lot of time in studying and becoming an expert in the subject matter that you teach and start to develop skills that will be required to become the best. To start with improve your communication and presentation skills.  


There are so many courses available, join them and get on to become a refined skillful communicator. Which is a pre-requisite for becoming a great teacher. Get confident about your abilities, be creative, remain energetic and enthusiastic all the time, another requirement for excelling in this profession.


You have a M.Sc. degree but to become a full fledged teacher and to get permanent teaching position in a good school with a good pay scale you will have to have B. Ed in your resume.


Depending on your situation you can do a regular B.Ed. course or from a distance learning institution. You should research about better colleges that offers better education for B.Ed. It’s very easy to find out on internet. Just surf on internet and find for yourself which institution suits you. Then join one of them, get the B.Ed. degree and within no time you will be on the road to a successful teaching career.


Here’s wishing you all the very best!

- Jamal Shah



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