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What Short Term Courses Will Be Good Along With MA in Economics?

What Short Term Courses Will Be Good Along With MA in Economics?


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Question –


I am a BA economics student and I m working right now as a customer relation manager. I have taken admissions for MA economics part-1 in Mumbai University. Can you tell me which other short time courses would be good for me so that I can develop my job profile? And which career should I choose?
- Mamta



Expert Advice –


Dear Mamta,

MA degree generally lands up a candidate in teaching job or in social sector jobs. If I understand economy well, I can say that being in Education OR in Social Sector will be safe bet in future.


Education, NGOs, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare are some of the sectors that might offer employment stability in future (in view of world economic conditions and volatility associated).

For you, I would say, you are on the right track (While it may not be immediately rewarding monetarily). You can think of doing NET-SET qualification required for application as a Faculty in most of the institutes (

Economics is a subject widely taught in institutes in India. Having additional qualification in the same will always be a plus.

You can think of following courses

1. Certified Financial Planner (From IIFM Delhi) -

2. 1Yr Diploma in Financial Planning & / Wealth Management from any reputed institute


As far as choice of the career is concerned, please FOLLOW YOU HEART. It must be yours and not TOLD by anyone else. I, in my capacity, would like to advise that you must find a place in the safe sector and then grow in it eventually. Rest, it has to be your ultimate call.

Doing PhD will also be of great help (if feasible) to land up in a good position in industry.

Please revert back if you have any further specific query on any of the suggestions I have given here.

All the best!
- Vishwajeet K.



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