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What Is The Scope Of Being A Dietician Abroad? Done Msc in Nutrition

What Is The Scope Of Being A Dietician Abroad? Done Msc in Nutrition


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Question –

Hi, I have done my masters in nutrition. Currently I am working as dietitian but the scope here in India is not much in my field, Hence I want to move out of India and grow myself in this field. I just want to know what is the best way to proceed. I was thinking to give GRE exam and through scholarship and move ahead, I don’t want to be there permanently but for a year or two so that I can do a job, get experience and come back. Thank you.
- Saman


Expert Advice –

Dear Saman,

First of all, it is a myth that scope for a dietician is not enough in India; things have changed over the last decade and the opportunities are huge now. Money is also much better now. You could work in a hospital if your interest is in therapeutics nutrition, start your own practice and specialize in major lifestyle disorders, or focus on weight loss - where again you could go about it alone, or join an established name for some time to gain some experience.


Another parallel career you can pursue is writing on health for media publications (there is huge interest in health info now). For this I suggest begin by writing a blog first, or posting on your Facebook page. Then today a lot of FMCG multinationals also hire qualified nutritionist for their product (food and related) development and marketing departments. These are highly coveted jobs and well paid too.


Frankly speaking, as a nutritionist myself, I see more growth in India happening now as compared to west as there is already a bit of saturation coming in there and going abroad to learn and work makes sense only if you are willing to be there for a long haul, as not only will you have to study there again, do your internship again, and you will have to get a lot of accreditations too (without which you can't practice or take a job in the USA).


All the Best

- Kavita Devgan



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