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What is The Job Prospect & Pay Scale in B. Tech in BioTechnology?

What is The Job Prospect & Pay Scale in B. Tech in BioTechnology?


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Question –

Can I be assured of a good job with a good pay scale once I complete B. Tech in biotechnology?
- Abhispa


Expert Advice –

Dear Abhispa,

You can achieve courses like Bio-technology in 2 ways: 3-year B.Sc. or 4-year BE/B.Tech. Students who plan to learn Biotechnology should be equally good and interested in subjects like,

·         Physics

·         Chemistry

·         Biology and

·         Mathematics


Some Institutes offer integrated M.Tech. Courses. The eligibility criteria depends on the standard of Institutes you are going to enroll.

For many undergraduate courses in biotechnology you need to sit for common engineering entrance exams such as:

·         The Joint Entrance Examination for IITs (IITJEE): for admission to various IITs

·         All-India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE): for admission to various National Institutes of Technology or regional engineering colleges and some colleges have their own Entrance Exam.

After graduation degree student may achieve M.Tech. /M.Sc. courses  

Personality or Potential you must have:

Important traits for getting into this domain are a high degree of intelligence and a general aptitude for science and scientific applications. 

Since biotechnology is redefining the boundaries of science, to become a part of such an innovative field you must possess an inherent attitude of originality and imagination. Other skills that will sail you through a successful and a fulfilling career in this path-breaking area are perseverance, immense patience, analytical proficiency, ability to work for long hours, team spirit and communication skills.

Bio-technology covers many subjects which themselves may be the individual subject itself and you can either take one of them as your special paper or may study independently according to your interest:

·         Agriculture and Agricultural Development

·         Animal Husbandry

·         Biochemistry

·         Biophysics

·         Botany

·         Dairy Technology

·         Environmental Protection

·         Fishery Development

·         Genetics

·         Horticulture

·         Medicine

·         Microbiology

·         Molecular Biology

·         Nutrition

·         Pharmacology

·         Tissue Culture and

·        Zoology


Student may deal with each of the above subject at individual level (it has full time courses); so before you pursue a subject like Biotechnology  you can check your subject interest first, I think it is better to follow a particular subject than to study Biotechnology itself only.

The area where biotechnology has grown in India includes

·         Agricultural Biotechnology

·         Animal Husbandry

·         Bioinformatics

·         Bio Fertilizers and

·         Dairy Development.


Growth has also been seen in the area of

·         Bio-resource Development

·         Plant Biology

·         Marine Biotechnology

·         Microbiology

·         Genetic research.




- This is an upcoming and constantly growing science and has worldwide scope especially in terms of research

- The scope for research is very wide and efficient work gets fast acclamation within multinationals.

- If you succeed in clearing the tests and interviews, it is assumed you are the right fit for the profession. 


- The number of seats for biotechnology courses is very limited across colleges in comparison with subjects such as physics, chemistry or biology.

- The testing and interviewing processes usually are difficult and one has to be technically an expert. 

- The number of companies employing biotechnology students is less when compared with number of companies hiring IT professionals or finance professionals.

- You will have to put in a lot of hard work which can be frustrating at times.

- This is not a profession for people who want to make fast buck but for people who are looking for a long and a well charted career.


Some Top companies to work with:

1. Biocon

2. Serum Institute of India

3. Panacea Biotech

4. Mahyco Monsanto Biotech

5. Rasi Seeds

6. Novo Nordisk

7. Aventis

8. Indian Immunological

9. Venkateshwara Hatcheries

10. Ranbaxy

11. Dr. Reddy’s Labs

12. Piramal Healthcare.

Overall, these are some of the major names in Indian biotechnological industry which extensively use biotechnological processes and techniques to develop and innovate products and processes.

I hope this will help you take a better decision.

All The Best
- Rupa Talukdar



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