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What Is The Future of MA Linguistics? Which Language To Choose?

What Is The Future of MA Linguistics? Which Language To Choose?


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Question –

Query1. What is future in when I am doing M.A. in linguistics? Please suggest me sir/madam.
- Ankit

Query 2. Hello, I'm  Rajawat. I want to make career in Linguistic. Which one  language should i choose (French, Chinese or German ). I'm graduate.  ( with 44% ) Delhi University. In Delhi, where can we learn these languages .


Expert Advice –

Dear Ankit & Rajawat,

A career in linguistics opens up wonderful and varied opportunities and avenues. During the course students develop ability to reason/argue. This argumentation skill can lead to jobs in teaching students preparing for competitive entrance exams (even for universities abroad). As writing skill develops, other career prospects like journalism, law and research can also be considered. Language teaching is the most conventional option.

Information technology, Information and library science, Editing and publishing are again career paths to be explored. Linguists with specialization in speech pathology, speech and hearing science, etc are in great demand too. Of course, for all these one needs proper graduation degree from a recognized university.

For lingustics, both the languages; Chinese and German have good prospects. Chinese is more difficult to learn. The best option is a degree from JNU if you can crack the entrance test. DU also offers foreign language courses. Or you can try out private universities like Sharda or Amity. An internet search will provide you with information like the course they offer is diploma or certificate, duration, fees, etc. Then you can decide which place to opt for.

All the Best
- Shyamalima S. Chatterjee



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