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What Does Your Whatsapp Status Say About You? Check Now!

What Does Your Whatsapp Status Say About You? Check Now!

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Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr, MySpace, Foursquare and now whatsapp, they all have one thing in common. You have the answer to that, you would say they all connect you with people in your life and you can always stay in touch. But I would say these are all by products of technology and with the ever advancing technology they all come handy inside that little device, called mobile phone in your pocket. And both you and I are absolutely right.

A person’s presence on these social networking/ communication platforms determines so many things about their personality and it reflects through the ‘status’ that they put up on these apps and sites. Talking about whatsapp, there are so many things that you can know about a person, looking at his/her whatsapp status. Let’s take a look at these statuses and try to understand what it speaks of your personality.

1. The ‘Hey there! I am using whatsapp’ status: These are the kind of people who do not use whatsapp much or signed up once but never used it after that. Or they do not care about changing their status. These people aren’t very cautious about their presence on whatsapp which reflects, ‘They hardly care about other’s opinion about them’. They may be Reserve, Shy, Introvert or Egoist.

2. Promotional Status: Some people use WhatsApp as a great marketing tool and their status mostly talks of the brand that they are promoting. These people also send bulk/broadcast messages to the people in their contact list regarding whatever at that they want to promote. These are much focused people or in other words ‘Professional People’ and they can bend their whatsapp usage according to their needs. These users are smart enough to utilize such social platforms for their personal or professional gains. There Whatsapp status conveys loudly that they are smart, professional, well connected and socially popular among their friends.

3. Poetic/Literary status: People who use poetic lines or literary phrases as their whatsapp status, mostly read a lot or have interest literature. Same goes with people who mostly use lyrics of a song as their status. Both these kind of people actually want to have an identity different from others. There Whatsapp status is enough to understand they are the people who always want to be seen different from crowd. These people may be Artistic, Creative, Ambitious and Friendly by nature.

4. Announcement status: People who put up announcement statuses, like got a job, or got admission or if the status keeps changing every other day or even every few hours are generally very cautious about their social presence and are always keen on grabbing attention. They could be very friendly or very reserved at the same time. It’s pretty possible that they may be going through some sort of complexes about their achievements in life.

5. The busy/available status: People who put up such status do not care much about changing statuses either. They just use whatsapp as a communication tool and are mostly very reserved in nature. They are the people who don’t like to be friendly with everyone easily. They hardly care about usage of social platforms. They use it just to show that they are aware of it. These people are mostly reserved, egoistic & lazy by nature.



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