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What Course Should I Do After M Com, I Hail From A Middle Class Family

What Course Should I Do After M Com, I Hail From A Middle Class Family


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Question –


Hi, I am a commerce student and I have completed my B Com by correspondence and now I am pursuing my M Com in correspondence. Could you suggest what course to take up after my M Com as I am extremely interested in studies? Please recommend some good course and as I hail from a middle class family I would not be able to afford a big budget course.
- Akash


Expert Advice –

Dear Akash,


Once you finish your M Com I would suggest you start working, get an experience of 2-3 years, save some money and pursue an MBA. It could be one of the best option after M Com, however if you want to fetch a fat salaried job, then it has to be pursued from a reputed B School.


MBA from a good B School opens up limitless opportunities in diverse spheres and brings in rewards such as status, good remuneration and a good scope for professional and personal growth.


The other best option could be writing the UPSC. Understanding your passion for studies, I suggest you write the UPSC to join the civil services. You can pursue your PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in:

Banking & Finance

Business Economics


Corporate Secretary ship

Financial Studies


NET: write the NET exam and become a professor

NSE course: If you are interested in stock exchange

You also have the option of pursuing CS, CA or CWA.


If your family wants you to start earning right away, then you can simultaneously pursue your further studies on part time basis. The other option could be that do some short term courses which are not a burden to the pocket and which can upgrade and add value to your qualification.


Short term courses/Certifications: 

Practical accounting course from Accounts House, this gives you a detailed practical knowledge

In Accounts, Taxation including TDS, e- filing, Excise, Customs, VAT, Pay rolls, etc.


Certification courses in:

Stock broking

Financial planning,

Actuary (insurance related)

Office Automation

Applied Managerial Economics

Central Excise (CCCE)

Micro Finance



PG certificate in Investment Banking

Certificate in Tally

Chartered Financial Analyst Equity Research

IFRS Certification – ICAI


With M Com and related certifications, you have lot of career scope in areas such as:


Public Accounting firms

Foreign Trade

Business Consultancies

Educational Institutions


Merchant Banking

Policy planning, etc


All the best!!
– Shehre Banu



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