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Want to Gain Weight, But Not With Whey Protein. What to Do?

Want to Gain Weight, But Not With Whey Protein. What to Do?


  2287      10/09/2014

Question - 

I am 29 years old, male, I go to gym whenever I get time. I want to gain weight, my weight is only 55kgs, so what kind of foods should I start taking, I don't want to go for whey proteins. I have heard they have side effects at later stages is life, is it true? Please suggest .

- Siddharth


Expert Advice:

Hi Siddharth,

You are right that certain supplements can have side effects. 

To gain weight, do some heavy weight exercises under the guidance of a qualified trainer, who will design your program plan. For diet, having high calorie foods can help. This does not mean having junk food or oily/fried food.

You could have eggs, bananas and milk, meat, nuts, etc. This will help.

- Kiran Sawhney




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