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Want To Do MBA in Logistic Management, What Is Its Scope in Designing?

Want To Do MBA in Logistic Management, What Is Its Scope in Designing?


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Question – 


Sir I am a graphic designer by profession and want to do MBA in logistics management. So after this is there any scope of designing companies regarding this course.
- Ruchika



Expert Advice –


Dear Ruchika,

Your query appears to be vague and provides almost no inputs about your hopes and wishes for your life. First, it is necessary to understand why you want to do MBA in Logistic. There are many circumstances to your query -

If I safely assume that it is solely for deriving more financial benefit then it will be advisable for you to continue in the current field you are in and do a course that will help you advance in the same field. While saying so, I am considering the volatility in the job market and salaries offered in both the fields (Graphic Designing and Logistics Management). Patience always pays more in the long run.

If it is for the reason of change to a field of your liking, I must warn you about the possible consequences of the same. If you have spent considerable time (more than 3-4 years) in Graphic designing then  the shift will be difficult (Professionally and otherwise too) as in a new field, your experience might fail to be counted. If you have just started your career and do not have compelling financial or otherwise obligations, or can give it up for your field of choice, I would say – Take chances & Go Chase your Dreams!

If you are choosing to do MBA because someone advised it or your friends are doing it, stop wasting your and my time and better focus on things at hand.

Graphic Design is a creative field where artistic aptitudes of a person are utilized whereas Logistic Management is a relatively passive field where scope for creativity will surely be less than or limited to opportunities for cost cutting for the company. Please check what you are inclined to.

Also, career opportunities are more market driven than ability driven. Most of the players in marked have developed automated logistic solutions and they maintain minimal workforce for it to work. Hence, unless you are an expert in the domain it is difficult to find career stability & advancement in the logistic domain.


As you would know it better than me that Graphic Design works in the Virtual World while the Logistics happen in the real world. In Virtual World data is so easy to transfer that it hardly requires any logistic capability. Like this reply I am sending to you.

To answer your query straight, I will say – NO. I do not think that doing MBA in Logistic Management will offer more scope in Graphic Design companies. Graphic design and Logistics do not complement each other well and it would be risky to venture in to it unless for reasons that are foolish or justifying the risk. Rather there are many other courses you can think of to advance your existing career. (Strictly if you like it and want to continue.)


First, you confirm to me what you really want to do (with reasons) and I will further extend our conversation. We will then try to zero in on the suitable courses for you.

Hope this helps.
Have a nice day!

- Vishwajeet K.



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