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Want To Become An Investment Banker, Will an MBA in Finance Help Me?

Want To Become An Investment Banker, Will an MBA in Finance Help Me?


  2203      01/07/2015

Question –

Hi. I'm currently pursuing a degree in B. Comm (accounting & finance). I further want to venture into investments more like an investment banker. I wanted to know if an MBA (finance) degree is enough for it or is there any other degree which will help me to get there. Also, I'm looking for a college/university outside Mumbai, preferably in Delhi, or Bangalore.
- Aaron


Expert advice –

Dear Aaron,  

B.Com with a specialization in Finance and Accounts is the first right step you have taken in the direction of becoming an Investment Banker. Yes just a graduation may not be enough in today’s date. But before we proceed keep one thing in mind, education alone also is not enough! You need some good experience as well.

Hence a MBA in Finance from a decent management institute is actually enough to set your path towards your goal. After completing MBA join a job, preferably banking industry in their funding division and then you can look at joining an Investment Banking company where you can get real time experience on things like, how to work on spread sheets etc,.

Some 5 yrs of experience and I am sure you will get enough courage to start your own advisory firm. When you are on your own you can also look at pursuing courses like CFA. For now a MBA is perfectly fine. Some of the MBA colleges that you can consider :

- Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

- FMS, Delhi

- IIM Bangalore

- Indian institute of Financial Planning, Delhi

- MDI, Gurgaon

- Vivek Karwa



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