Vaishali Aggarwal

Vaishali Aggarwal
Life Coach
4 Years Experience

I am a professional health and wellness coach who works with patients and staff in hospitals and wellness centres. My focus is on helping clients attain overall wellness in a holistic way, whether that is new mothers adjusting to their new roles and responsibilities, cancer patients working through their cancer journey, or hospital staff who want to enjoy a higher quality of life with less stress.

Unlike a psychotherapist or a counselor, a coach doesn’t delve into the past, deal with chronic problems, or focus on thought or behavior patterns. Coaches establish collegial relationships with clients, work in a less structured environment, and help people improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.

Coaching sessions are typically 30 or 60 minutes and consist of helping the person to define their goals and objectives, then determine their goals and challenges through powerful questions. The coach helps the client design a plan of action and provides help and support as the person progresses.

Working through medical facilities adds a unique benefit for both patients and employees. When hospital staff members are in a balanced and calm state, they are happier with their jobs and better able to help patients and work with other team members, which makes them more productive and efficient—making a better, more profitable workplace for everyone.

When patients have a better experience and are able to deal with more of their health situation in one location, their satisfaction with the facility increases, as does their overall health and their faith in life.

If you are looking to improve your healthcare facility, help your employees and your patients, and increase patient satisfaction and revenue, I look forward to connecting with you.

Qualification: BSc in biochemistry , Intensive Coach Training

School/College/University: St. Xaviers College , Results Coaching Systems(accredited by ICF)

Year: 1985 , 2012

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