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Unable To Prepare For CAT Due To Extra-Co Activities, Should I Quit?

Unable To Prepare For CAT Due To Extra-Co Activities, Should I Quit?


  2467      15/07/2015

Question –


Hi, I am a B. com student. I plan to give CAT this year. I am the president of my Enactus team and also about to organise an event in the college. But the thing is, I have got ass***** in my team. Nobody is interested. I have to do everything. And I am not able to focus on my studies. Should I not indulge in extra-co activities? I am really frustrated.
- Sachin



Expert Advice –


Dear Sachin,

First of all, mind your language when you put up your queries in this forum or anywhere else.

While I try to understand reasons for your frustration I fail to find any external reasons. It strongly appears to be your personality problem than external influences.

You need to decide your priorities in life. If exam is important then give it required time. If the Extra-Co activities are important, do it. Don’t give one as excuse for other.

If you are the President of some forum then the decision to organize an event must be of the organizing body and not yours solely – and hence it’s not your responsibility ALONE to do it. If your team is not interested then either change the team OR drop the event. We must learn to say NO at some point of time. Why are you wasting your time in such activities?

OR is it your EGO to anyhow take the event forward? Think!

I sincerely think that (in view of the way you have put up the question) you are trying to prove something to others and wasting your time in doing everything and achieving nothing.
Rather, focus on the long term goals and take steps accordingly (One at a time). If you plan to take CAT this year, you already have less time in hand for studies. My only fear is, if you fail in exam, you will blame it to something or someone.

All of us, in our lives, go through challenging situations. How we react to them decides our attitude that shapes our future. These difficulties are your opportunity to shape your attitude.

So, STOP the blame game, BREATH deep, CALM down and GET DOWN to the business!

Have a nice time
- Vishwajeet K.



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