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Top 5 Winter Skin Care Solutions To Try Before Winter Slips By

Top 5 Winter Skin Care Solutions To Try Before Winter Slips By


  2548      16/01/2015

We get a lot of queries regarding ‘how to keep skin healthy during winters?’ So we decided to discuss it with our skin and beauty expert Aakriti kochar who answered the top 5 winter skin care queries sent by our readers. Read this article to know what Aakriti had to tell regarding winter skin care before the beautiful season slips by.

Question 1. How should one take care of one's skin during the change in season especially winter? Which products should be bought and kept ready for use?


Expert Answer-  As winter approaches, the atmosphere gets chilly and dry. Our skin loses its natural ability to repair on it own and an outside supplement has to be provided. Use Cream cleansers, toners/ rose waters, moisturizers (comparatively creamier to the ones you use in summers), lip balms, sunscreens, exfoliators – once a week to remove dead cells (important ingredient in exfoliators – salicylic acid). Use a body cream wash instead of a soap wash. Get a facial once a month – also before winter starts to prepare your skin defense before winter causes any skin damage.


Question 2. What should one keep in mind when buying a cold cream and moisturizer for winter?


Expert Answer- For hand and feet , choose products with a thicker texture (preferably the ones which are also smooth to glide on easily). Ingredients such as shea butter, petroleum, mineral oil, glycerin and tea tree oil are important for nourishment and skin healing. At night , one should always moisturize their body freshly – one might want to consider body creams / face creams with retinol which is Vitamin A for skin. It helps in rejuvinating skin cells faster.


Question 3. How to protect the skin from dryness through home remedies?


Expert Answer-  Add honey to your summer creams for more nourishment. Prepare a honey and sugar scrub at home to exfoliate your body during winters to remove dead skin cells. For dry and scaly skin, one might consider a milk bath once a week. Preapre an egg york mask at home using 1 egg york , 1 table spoon milk/ milk powder and 1 table spoon of honey – apply it on face and neck for smoother healthier looking skin. Other important ingredients for skin found in your kitchen are – papaya, banana , avocado , cucumber , oil , curd etc.


Question 4. Is winter equally bad for those with oily skin? What guidelines should these people follow?


Expert Answer- Having an oily skin is more like a blessing in winters. It is less oily but at the same time – not shiny or greasy like summers. Keep your skin hydrated with a regular moisturizer – water based or light creams in winters. Drink plenty of water. Take care of your hand and feet like your face. Use tea tree oil in bathing water to make up for the loss in nourishment. It also keeps your skin soft and supple.

Question 5. How to get rid of the itchiness that develops on the skin due to dryness?

Expert Answer- Low temperatures, low humidity, use of central heating can cause itchiness in winter due to excessive dehydration of skin causing dryness. Several medical conditions such as diabetes, eczema, Psoriasis, also lead to itchy skin in winters. One needs to take extra precautions and care in this case. Always wear a rich moisturizer (SPF for day time when stepping out in sun), always carry a hand and foot cream . Apply immediately after wash. Use of oils – either mixed in your body creams/ butters or oils alone at night help cure the itchiness.

- Aakriti



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