Tasneem Shaikh

Tasneem Shaikh
3 Years Experience

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I am a qualified clinical dietitian, sports nutritionist and personal fitness trainer from Mumbai, India. Through my education and interest in food and fitness, I help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage weight successfully whether at home or while travelling for work or leisure. I also help people manage existing lifestyle disorders like PCOD, thyroid disorders, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, food intolerance, etc. Guiding professional and recreational players and active people involved in any kind of exercise on their nutritional requirements and selection of meals is also one of the areas of my expertise.

Diet planning, Nutrition content writing, Weight management, Lifestyle disorder management( diabetes, hypertension, obesity, PCOD, thyroid disorders), Nutrition for sports players, toddlers, children, men, women, pregnancy, lactation.

Qualification: BSc in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics (Currently pursuing MSc in Sports Nutrition)

School/College/University: SVT College, SNDT University, Juhu-Mumbai (MSc -Nirmala Niketan College, Marine lines, Mumbai)

Year: BSc- 2015 (MSc 2015-2017)

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