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Suffering From Vaginal Itching Since Last Intercourse, Worried!

Suffering From Vaginal Itching Since Last Intercourse, Worried!


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Question –


Hi, I am 22 and I had sex with boyfriend on the 4th day of my period. Since the next day after sex I am facing itchiness in my vaginal area also some watery substance, while we are having sex, the sperm of the male did not go into my vagina. Can I get pregnant or not? Please suggest, I am worried.
- Meera



Expert Advice –


Dear Meera,

Itchiness of the vagina could be due to fungal infections or allergy to the semen. Or you may have had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), a bacterial infection, which is very common in cases of unprotected sex or even protected sex sometimes in women. If that is the case you should visit a gynaecologist.


Since you had intercourse with your partner on the 4th day of your period, you were not in your ovulation period, women who have normal periods have fertile days between 8th and 12th day of their cycle. In order to get pregnant naturally, during the intercourse, male partner has to deposit / ejaculate semen inside the female partner’s vagina. In your case, as described by you, if there is no chance of either pre-cum (transparent slimy fluid comes from the penis when aroused which may also contain some amount of sperms) or semen deposited inside vagina, there is no risk of pregnancy.

- Dr A Chakravarthy



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