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Suffering from Social Phobia, Don't have friends to share. Please Help

Suffering from Social Phobia, Don't have friends to share. Please Help



  2146      06/05/2015

Question -

I am twenty five years old and suffering from social phobia and ocd since last ten or twelve years, three years ago I visited a psychologist once and attended some sessions too but because of financial reasons I could not continue it for long. I am somehow managing my life and career but still It is affecting my life badly.

I had a disturbed childhood. My teenage was even worse. I try to self counsel and started meditation too but I am not able to get over. Please suggest something which I can do on my own. I cant attend outside help because of family and financial issues. I don't have a single person or friend to share anything. Please help.
- Cxxxxx



Expert Advice -

Dear Cxxxxx,

Like for any physical health issues for some of the mental health issues require the services of clinical psychologists. You would require multiple sessions not one consultation. Meanwhile I would encourage you to surf the net and look for cognitive behavior therapy for OCD and social phobia. Some reading into this and trying out some activities mentioned in cognitive behaviour therapy will help You. I would strongly recommend you to plan to meet a psychologist as well anyhow despite of all your financial issues. You should understand untill and unless you will not be in good shape, you won't be able to lead a normal and healthy life. So, the way you cater all your other needs you should manage money for your health as well. 

Best Wishes

- Philip Mathew



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