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Suffering From Severe OCD & Anxiety, Losing All My Patience & Hopes. Is There Any Treatment For My Situation?

Suffering From Severe OCD & Anxiety, Losing All My Patience & Hopes. Is There Any Treatment For My Situation?


  2157      15/09/2015

Question - 

Hi, thanks a lot for helping me previously, I am in serious confusion regarding my doctor. I am suffering from OCD and anxiety since ages and right now really depressed regarding my condition. My doctor is suggesting me to do pranayam etc but I m not able to do it as its almost impossible to sit for a while calmly. My brain just doesn't get stable for a second. I'm feeling really helpless and no body is understanding my condition.

Is there no other treatment for my condition? I had tried a lot but now I m loosing all my patience and hopes altogether. I just cant stand this living anymore, I do not feel like going to my doctor anymore as I find her unable to cope or understand me. Please help I don't know what to do.


Expert Advice - 

I understand what you are going through and it can indeed be a difficult situation to be in. I strongly suggest you seek professional help and meet with a psychological counselor, who can do some deep therapy with you and help you overcome this hurdle. Deep breathing would benefit the feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

However, since you are unable to do pranayam, it would benefit you to channelize your energies in pursuits such as physical activity- brisk walk, free hand exercise, or joining a hobby class/ workshop- learn to play an instrument, art, dance, music, or anything else.

While this will help keep you constructively occupied, it will also keep your mind off repetitive/ OCD behavior. Talk to a close friend/ family member/ colleague- this will also help you get things off your mind and help you relax.


Take care
- Dr Rachna K. Singh



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