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Stay Away From These 5 Gyming Myths if You are Planning to Work Out

Stay Away From These 5 Gyming Myths if You are Planning to Work Out


  2438      15/10/2014

Gyming these days is a rising trend amongst youngsters. People have become more fitness conscious and aware of their bodies, hence a work out comes up as an easy option. But along with this trend, a lot of myths too spread which send false information to people regarding work out and gyming. It is important that we understand the facts related to work out and stay away from the myths. For this reason we decided to talk to our fitness expert, Welstar Peter who decoded some popular myths related to work out. Read this article to know in detail.


Myth 1. Whey protein from supplement is more effective than food.

There is no scientific evidence which proves that whey protein supplements are more effective than from food like curd water, and milk water etc. Whey protein supplements are just an easy source of having whey protein.


Myth 2. Do more work out to get more results

The more work out you do, this will let you lose more water and muscle which will make you lose muscle so will gain more fat. You may feel good and ripped for some days and till you workout, but as soon as you leave, you will be out of shape very fast. More over, you will also be deficient of many macro and micro nutrients which is really bad for your joint health, electrolyte balance and many more. So, focus on QUALITY and not QUANTITY.


Myth 3.  Creatine helps in workout if taken pre-workout

This is a very popular, common pre-workout supplement. But creatine does not digest in 30 or 60minutes. It takes hours and days to be deposited in the muscles to be ready to use, so it
will no way help you in workout, but in contrary it may hinder your workout due to the reason that it may upset your stomach for some hours. It’s better to take after workout with combination of high glycemic or fast carbs.

Myth 4. Abs workout helps you lose belly fat

I always face this question that why shouldn’t we workout abs daily to help loose belly fat faster. The truth is that abs also is muscles, but smallest. so, abs workout also comes in resistance training, which build muscle, which will obviously increase your metabolism, then increase you BMR(basal metabolic rate) and ultimately make you lose body fat, but not only belly fat. It doesn’t help in loosing fat directly, but in a longer period of time, it will help in increasing fat metabolism. So no more thousands of crunches every day. Follow a low calorie balanced diet and do lots of cardio to lose overall fat which will results in six packs abs” or weight loss.

Myth 5. Eat less, avoid carbs and fat, increase protein to lose weight faster

This is another common and most popular myths. EATING LESS will disturb your thyroid glands which regulates your body fat, which will decrease your metabolism and hence increase your body fat, hence increasing weight.

Some Facts:

- AVOIDING CARBS will force your body to use muscle and cause of muscle breakdown you will gain fat, hence increase weight.

- AVOIDING FAT will decrease body hormones production and which helps in many body’s vital functions and one of them is the production of testosterone which mainly helps in protein synthesis which helps building muscle and hence muscle loss, then fat gain and obviously weight gain.

- EVERY NUTRIENT has calories. Protein has equal number of calories as carbs, So if you have excess protein also, it will not help you, cause even excess protein will be stored as fat in your body and hence increase your weight and will cause other health issues as well.

So, eat balanced diet, eat frequently, at least 5 meals a day. don’t miss any nutrient, every nutrient has their own importance,just take care of excess calories. Your intake should not be more than your expenditure.



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