Shohrat Shankar

Shohrat Shankar
Life Coach
18 Years Experience

I am Shohrat Shankar, a Life Empowerment Coach.
Having trained & coached over 60,000 people from over 50 companies in the last 13 years; from addressing small groups of 10 to large audiences of over 200 I can truly say that I have earned the right to be a Life Empowerment Coach.
I started off as a person who stammered & stuttered my way through school & college and like so many others never believed I could ever create any impact in a crowd or on stage. Through a few lessons and clear empowerment steps taken; today I earn a living doing something I had never imagined doing. Those same life lessons helped me through the many downturns faced in my career and my business.
Starting out in a call center, I aspired to do a lot more. I trained and worked as a software developer, but lost my job in the dot com crash of 2002.
From struggling to make ends meet and getting the teams salaries out on time to facing a robbery at my office and having to temporarily shutting down operations and contemplating getting into the security of a job, I have faced it all.
Like many others I was in deep shit when some clients hit by recession pulled out their business and I wondered time and again where & when the next pay check would come from. Taking loans and pumping money into the business, finding that I'm not getting the results I wanted sounds like something many people face. The voices that tell you to give up and go back to something secure kept ringing in my head, however, the life lessons I had learnt kept me going. I realised that if I don't Empower myself to achieve what I want for myself no one else will.

In my programs I share some of those life lessons that I not only read and was taught, but those that practically worked.
Today, I'm a director in 3 completely different companies all doing pretty well in their own right.

This feeling of empowerment has not only helped me in my career but personally as a Husband, a father & as Me.
From taking a filmy step when finding the girl of my dreams to being an empowered father who did everything for his little baby the first few months. I believed I could do everything but feed my new born infant, that belief led me to massage, bathe, change and do anything else needed for my baby (something many father's hesitate to do). Though the mothers did not really like it, I knew.... My baby was mine & my wife's (not the grandparents)
I am an avid adventure enthusiast and have driven from Kanyakumari to Ladakh in my Scorpio, that not being adventurous enough for me I've taken part in some rallies and now have found my passion for adventure being fulfilled as a biker. I ride my Thunderbird 500 with passion and let nothing coming in the way of fulfilling LIFE. A recent 4200km ride from Pune to Kanyakumari has charged me up to achieve big things in 2016.

Qualification: Masters

School/College/University: Pune University

Year: 2002

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