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"I Am a Lean Guy, I Never Get Clothes With a Perfect Fit"

"I Am a Lean Guy, I Never  Get Clothes With a Perfect Fit"


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Question -

I am a 22 year old guy from Mumbai. I need an advice regarding my personal fitness. I am a lean guy due to which I have a size problem with my clothes and I do not even get clothes with a perfect fit in all of the brands. However, clothes from a few brands fit me well. I do not eat less. My diet is also okay but still something is wrong somewhere. Please guide me so that I can gain some weight.

I can gain mass by eating more, I know that, but I do not want to add on fat to my body and want to be fit and look fit at the same time. Suggest me with the kind, amount and routine of food that I should consume and also with what kind of exercise routine should I follow.
Thank you in advance.



Expert Advice - 

Hi! Deepesh! 

This is a very popular and regular question I get from different people. I am sure that my answer will solve your problem.

Before it was said and believed that ectomorphs (skinny) people has a high rate of metabolism due to which they tend to stay the same and do not gain weight easily, and even if they manage to gain weight somehow, they lose it very fast. But this belief was not true that high metabolism is the reason and recently they found that skinny people's body actually doesn't absorb all the nutrients and their body doesn't also store the calorie as fat in the adipose tissue and glycogen in the muscles, rather than that they store easily as triglycerides and cholesterol which is bad for their health of course. We also have to understand that Ectomoroph's survival mechanism is also week. This means that they will not store food and water for the day of scarcity. You can say that they don't backup but they have the backup system. 

Now, after knowing all the reasons behind it, what should be out next step?

So, here are the steps you should take to:

1. Don’t increase the amount of the food but increase the frequency. It means that eat often, about 7-8 small meals a day.

2. As you wake up your body needs glycogen store to be filled first, so eat high glycemic carbs like banana, grapes, raisins as you get fresh. Then include your breakfast with slow carbs like whole wheat bread, oats as well. Don’t also ignore proteins cause it’s a main muscle building nutrients and fat because it’s a hormones builder.

3. Take a balanced meal 2 hours before your workout and fast carbs like banana or grape juice immediately after workout followed by high protein meal 60mins later.

4.50-60% carbs, 25% protein and 20% fat should be your nutrient composition. 

5. Workout not more than thrice a week, but hit harder. take 90mins rest in between each sets and finish your workout within an hour including 5 mins warm up and 5 mins cool down.


6. Do a full body workout, one exercise and three sets of each body parts and repeat it thrice a week on alternate days.


7. Do compounds movements like squats for legs, flat bench or pushups for chest, barbell rows or chin-ups for back, barbell curl for biceps, skull crushers or over head extension for triceps and over head press for shoulders etc.


8. 60 minutes of Jogging or cross trainer as a cardio once a week is also very essential to prevent build up of bad cholesterol. It is also important for conditioning of the body.

9. Keep changing the exercise every 8 weeks.

I do not deny that every fitness goals needs regular attention for exercise and diet. But I also believe that these tips can transform anybody who is facing the same issue.

All the best!
- Welstar Peter



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