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Preparing For CAT 2015 But Afraid of Maths Section, Should I Do MBA?

Preparing For CAT 2015 But Afraid of Maths Section, Should I Do MBA?


  2741      23/07/2015

Question –


Hello my name is Niharika, I m a political science graduate from BHU and right now I am preparing for CAT 2015 but I’m bit confused because there are subjects in MBA that are totally dependent on maths and maths was not my subject. Is it right for me to do an MBA? If yes than which specialization I must go for? Please suggest.


Expert Advice –


Dear Niharika,

MBA as a career is on a decline as a result of overall low demand in the market. You can also see the trend by observing the number of people appearing for the flagship exams like CAT, XAT etc., its declining.


Even after this, MBA from a good (top 20-30) college, it still offers a good career platform. It would be worth giving a shot.

You must have studied maths till 10th standard and no management exam OR institute demand any further expertise in it (Except a few like IIM Bangalore, FMS etc). Hence, please get out of all your phobias about Maths. A dedicated preparation for a month or two will get you over this fear.

Also, I would say, if you don't know maths – I doubt your knowledge in Political Science! I mean, maths is a core subject and necessary for our lives. We cannot run away from it. You can surely opt out of the specializations demanding greater mathematical skills (Like Finance) and choose from the other available specializations.

To decide 'what specialization to choose’, you will get the whole first year of your MBA course to decide that. You can choose your specialization in the second year and I think that will be a more informed choice. So, stop worrying and do your preparation well.

Last but not the least, don't put all your eggs in one basket. MBA from a good institute is good but difficult to achieve in view of the stiff competition. Also, doing it from a low grade college might prove to be a costly affair (Monetarily and otherwise too). So, keep your options open.


Have a nice day! :)
- Vishwajeet K.



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