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Placed in HDFC Bank Loan Department, What Is the Scope of Entry Level Sales & Marketing Jobs?

Placed in HDFC Bank Loan Department, What Is the Scope of Entry Level Sales & Marketing Jobs?


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Hello, I am B.Tech - CS graduate ( fresher) from Mumbai. I am a 23 years old female. I recently got a job offer from HDFC for Loan Department as Sales Executive/Officer or w/e it’s called, though I’m not sure.It has fixed salary + incentives.

I want to know if this there is a minimum age until which I am allowed to work as Sales in banks for loan department. Will they remove/terminate my job after I reach a certain age? Why I am asking this is because, I have never seen people with the age 30+ in such field. Or Can I do this job for life long?

My 2nd question is for which post can I apply after getting 3 or 5 years of experience in this field? For example: can I apply as Sales Manager in bank etc. Does my said job have any career growth like do I have chances of becoming Branch Manager , etc in future by experience?

Edit: Even though I have completed my B. Tech graduation, I am more interested in a banking career in the fields of Marketing & Sales in the entry level, can you give me a good career advice on this?


Expert Advice - 


To become loan sales executive one needs to be fully trained to sell the products of HDFC Bank vis a vis their competitors. This job is not a permanent job as it appears to be on commission basis without any superannuation benefits like provident fund, gratuity etc. However if you are totally unemployed and the offered job profile requires you to generate leads then you can join to enter the banking industry. But you will get commission or more remuneration only if leads generated are converted into actual business. After gaining experience you can look forward to work with HDFC for corporate loans for which you will need knowledge of commercial law.

In case the HDFC Bank does not offer benefits like Provident Fund or Gratuity then it is recommended not to accept this contractual offer. However in case you are unemployed and still searching for jobs then you can accept the offer subject to following conditions (as per your own requirement):

1. Favorable Place of Posting

2. No Bond Period

3. Expenses relating to marketing of loans are borne by the bank and are not fixed. It should be over and above fixed salary and incentives. You may have to visit the prospective customers 5-7 times to convince the customer and it will involve travelling/petrol expense. It is quite possible that your efforts may not even yield results but expenses will be there.

4. Bank will impart sufficient training and will bear the expenses of training in addition to payment of fixed salary.

Last but not the least I will advise you go for an IT Officer in any top nationalized bank like State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank etc who recruit B.Tech aspirants directly as officer in Scale-I, Scale-II and Scale III through the process of written test and interview. But in case of no job in hand it is better to compromise with this offer.

All the Best

- Ashok Goyal



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