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Parents Want Me To Become A Teacher Because I'm A Girl, Help!

Parents Want Me To Become A Teacher Because I'm A Girl, Help!


  2096      24/07/2015

Question –

Hi, my name is Neha. I want to make my career in banking sector but my parents says that teaching is the best career for girls due to marriage, family etc. I am so confused. What should I do? Please give me more details about the banking sector job - transfer, pay scale etc.


Expert Advice –

Dear Neha,

State Bank of India and many others regularly advertise posts for Probationary Officers (PO).You can apply there. You can also try for State and National level tests which give you entry in State and All India Revenue Services. Your own state and UPSC regularly conducts a three tier exam, which is prelim, Mains and Interview.

Banking sector is also non-transferable, that means it is not always definite that you will be transferred in your job. If marriage is an issue, you can explain to your parents that the quality of life you plan now and later as a married person can be met in banking service also. I am not discouraging you about teaching though. It is a noble profession. You could be a teacher in a reputed school or college. But for that you will have to get a Ph.D and clear NET, you could qualify for a teaching position in a University Department.

Both can be well paying options for you. See which option appeals more to you and in fact, which one is compatible with your existing training, aptitude and motivation. After all, life goes forward and accelerates when you have the passion for achieving success.

Good luck Neha, and may God bless you.

- Prof. S.B. Lall



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