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Overburdened By Family Responsibilities, I Feel Suicidal. Help!

Overburdened By Family Responsibilities, I Feel Suicidal. Help!


  2191      05/06/2015

Question –

Hello sir/ma'am I am a 21 year old boy and I am feeling very depressed. Due to our financial problem my father had to go to Mumbai for better work opportunity. Now I and my mother are living alone in our house and I feel like suddenly all the responsibilities are on me.

I feel overwhelmed by responsibilities because I don't know why problems do not end permanently. If one problem is solved then another occurs. I feel so overwhelmed by it I think I will break down and I sometimes also feel suicidal. There is always a constant fear in my mind that what if I fail or fail my family members. Please kindly help me.

- Sumit


Expert advice –

Dear Sumit,

It is said that greater the obstacle, greater the glory in overcoming it. Come on you are a young little man. Fight it out, instead of getting depressed and suicidal. What a shame it is that a 21 years old young man is talking like a loser. Hey! come on restore yourself. Opportunities favorite disguise is trouble. Instead of worrying about it grab the opportunity that has come your way for showing your manliness. You are actually fortunate that at a very young age you have the opportunity to show to the world your mettle. Of what you are made of.


Your mom needs your help in tidying up any crisis current or future one coming. She surely doesn’t want a pessimist loser who instead of fighting it out is cribbing about ‘oh so unfortunate circumstance’. What a shame!

Nobody gets the whole world. Some get the skies. Some get the earth. Not both. So is with you and with everyone else. So why whine? No life is perfect. So what if problems keep coming. Just keep fighting them, till the problems see the futility of engulfing you and leave you permanently.

There is an old saying that ’Two men looked out of prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars’’.

Unfortunately you have decided to look at the mud and not the stars. Hey, come on you are still alive, you have your body intact and with that your resourcefulness. So what are you worried about? Take your responsibility on your shoulder with aplomb and gusto instead of ruing about it. That is actually the mark of a man.


You know the story of Shravan who took his parents for a pilgrimage? What do we remember him for? For his devotion to his parents. His duty towards them and his sincerity and never say die attitude. Now you have the opportunity to be one another Shravan. Be like him. Help your Mom and Dad in any which way you can with optimism and positivity, instead of getting depressed and being suicidal.


And yes even if you fail as you go on take them as lessons and not as failures. Just rebound and get on with it. You will then be unstoppable and unbeatable.


Wish you the very best!!!

More power to you!!!
- Jamal Shah



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