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Obesity in teenage can ruin your life

Obesity in teenage can ruin your life

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Are you a foodie? Not an issue if you are but yes, If you think your  increasing tummy is not a problem then you are 100 % wrong. Teenage Obesity has become a big problem not just in India rather entire world and there are increasing number of cases in which obesity has spoiled ‘Teenager’s life’. The level of obesity amongst teenagers has surprisingly taken a steep upward curve over the years and the repercussions are severely brutal. Obesity does not only incite caution with regards to the overweight appearance of an individual, but worse, calls for fatal health problems! As you proceed to the rest of this insightful section, get acquainted with the causes, implications and ways to prevent teenage obesity. 


Causes Of Teen Obesity

The main culprit for spreading obesity in the teenage crowd is undoubtedly, junk food! Teenagers can barely survive without digging their teeth into a juicy hamburger or an overtly fried hot dog. In spite of the raging awareness of the astoundingly high content of fats, oils and cholesterol present in these foods, they just cannot resist! Moreover, taking into account the expansion of food chains and cardiac-arrest friendly franchises, you can’t blame them! In the long run, binging on junk food and sweets turns into one of the strongest addictions. This drastically harms the newly developing system and leads to the formation of a terribly shaped torso. If teenagers rub out nutritious meals from their regular diets, only true luck can erase the possibility of obesity.


The other pervasive factor that has spawned the intensity of teenage obesity is the shortage of physical exercise amongst today’s youth. The generation has witnessed tremendous advancements in the movie, video game and technological industry. This has introduced a brand new era of gizmos to the world where the kids are less active than the adults. It might be a beautiful sunny day outside, but who cares for it? If you don’t believe us, go ahead and ask your child to run out for a game of football? “No Dad/Mom, I can play some FIFA on my X-Box!” would be the reply. It is a crazy new world where youngsters willingly deprive themselves of any physical exertions and prefer to slouch on the couch and tire their eyes.


Dangers Of Teen Obesity


  • Have you ever heard of anybody experiencing a heart attack at the age of twenty four? It so turns out due to excessive intake of junk food and lack of fitness. The dangers of contracting heart diseases have increased rapidly.  

  • Similarly, levels of cholesterol in the body often shoot up beyond rescue. The same can be expected with high blood pressure levels.

  • One of the most horrific side effects of teenage obesity is the damaged self esteem and lowered self confidence. Obese teenagers tend to be very insecure and this leads to depression and self-loathing.

  • Obese teenagers are highly susceptible to Type 2 Diabetes.


Ways To Prevent Teen Obesity


  • It is best that you nip it in the bud! There are no benefits of being obese. Of course, it cannot always be avoided due to hormonal problems. However, with a little perseverance and medical attention even that can be tackled!

  • A balanced and nutritiously rich diet is the next vital step to circumventing obesity! Incorporate a healthy diet. Make sure that the young adult consumes fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Do not forget to ingest a fair share of proteins and minerals into his/her system. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Go easy on the sugar cubes and on the butter spread!

  • Make it a point that the person spends less time in front of the computer or play station! Instead, he/she does something more productive for himself/herself and for his/her body! 




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