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Not Getting Married Because I'm Not Beautiful, What Is The Solution?

Not Getting Married Because I'm Not Beautiful, What Is The Solution?


  2980      10/06/2015

Question -

I am not beautiful at all. You can say I am a below average girl. So you can understand I have no market value, in a funny language to get married. Though I am well educated but you know in case of getting married every guy wants to get married to a beautiful girl. My age is 29 right now, do you have any suggestions for a girl like me.

Why every guy looks for beauty in every girl. Why girls like me have limited choices and have to always compromise.
- Piya



Expert advice –

Dear Piya,

Some wise men once said that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Though, just a mere proverb, this has been proved right, time and again. How we look at ourselves and others completely depends on us. Further, there is always something beautiful in each one of us, all we need to do is look through the lens.

While some people may certainly be physically more attractive than others, we all have some or the other strengths that help us outshine. Thus, it is very important to focus on your positive characteristics and hold them in high esteem. Lastly, I would also like to mention here that, Beauty is not the prime requirement for every guy. Though, you may not have had the best experiences in the past, try not to lose hope and give up.

There is a man bound to meet you and he will meet you when the time comes. Be patient and try focusing more on the strengths you have and on further strengthening them. Because as is rightly said, we all are special in our own unique ways!


Take care
- Dr Rachna K Singh



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