N.Jessie Priyanka

N.Jessie Priyanka
Counseling Psychologist
5 Years Experience

I am Jessie Priyanka practicing as a Psychological Counselor since 2012 in Hospital set up.The courses and the practical training that I have gained through my education and work experience has provided me enormous knowledge regarding the theory and practice of psychology and its application to different areas of psychology. The experience of working as Psychological Counselor has given lot of exposure and has helped me practice the skills of therapy and counselling methodology varying from simple to intensive issues. I have 5 years of experience in Infertility Counseling,Couple undergoing ART Procedures - IUI, IVF,ICSI. Adult Counselling, Relationship Issues, Adjustment Issues, dealing with emotional/behavioral Issues. And as a Counselling psychologist I counsel clients on how to deal with problems. Help them understand problems, including issues at home, at the workplace, or in their community. Through counselling, work with patients to identify their strengths or resources they can use to manage problems to improve their quality of life.

Qualification: MPhil

School/College/University: Jain University

Year: 2013

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