Nidhi Sharma

Nidhi Sharma
8 Years Experience

I've been a student of Psychology for 16 years and a working professional since the last 8 years. I've worked in a hospital, counseling patients with suicide ideation, suffering from addictions and other psychological disorders.

I've also worked as a school counselor, working with teachers to help students in realizing their potential to the fullest, managing peer pressure, dealing with family, and helping them in developing skills that would not only enhance their innate abilities but also develop the ones that would help them becoming a better professional and a better person.

My professional journey also gave me the opportunity to work as a career psychologist and life skills coach. All this professional exposure brought with it varied experiences. The learning has not only helped me in becoming a better professional, but a better person.

Being an avid reader has helped me in understanding a lot of different cultures, and realize the role diversity plays in shaping a rich culture. This also shaped my approach towards understanding and appreciating the different cultures. Reading also played a deep role pivotal role in seeing the connections and psychological inferences in human relations.

Qualification: Masters In Psychology

School/College/University: Panjab University

Year: 2006-08

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