Nancy Katyal

Nancy Katyal
Image Consultant
9 Years Experience

Nancy has over 9 years of professional experience. Nancy is on the TEDxPune board as their Image and Performance Director. She is one amongst the 12 Indians listed on International Storytelling network. She is also on board as a trainer at Femina Believe.
As part of her work time, Nancy offers learning sessions on Image Management, Styling, Business Storytelling, Effective communication, Presentation skills, Dining Etiquette, Body Language, Team building , Interpersonal Skills and Business Etiquette.
Through her corporate and open workshops – Nancy has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to maximize success in professional and personal performance. Nancy has been awarded the prestigious REX Karmaveer Chakra Award for her contribution as an Image coach towards society. She has till date trained over 10,000 children and 15000 individuals through open and corporate workshops.

Communication skills, Public Speaking & Presentation, Effective Body language, Dressing as per body type, Image management, Etiquette & Protocol Coaching, Dining Etiquette, Business Communication Skills, Verbal and nonverbal communication skills and Interpersonal skills

Qualification: Certified Image Consultant

School/College/University: ICBI , India and Conselle Institute, USA

Year: 2012

REX Karmaveer Chakra

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