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My Weight is 94Kgs and Height 165 cms, Help Me Reduce Some Weight!

My Weight is 94Kgs and Height 165 cms, Help Me Reduce Some Weight!


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Question –

Hi. Please suggest me how to reduce weight as I have a sitting job and as I commute from Meerut to Delhi on a daily basis. So I don't have the time to do some exercise or walk. My age is 34 and height 165 cm. And my weight is 94 kg.



Expert Advice –


Your ideal weight should be 50-55kg according to your height.  So according to this you are 40-45kg over weight. This is a huge amount of weight to reduce. At this stage losing weight is easy compared to be able to stay motivated to keep losing till you achieve the target weight.

So, follow the following steps to start reducing the weight and never stop till you are at the ideal stage.

1.       Focus on your target weight.

2.       Eat food only to fulfill your daily nutrition and not to satisfy your tongue.

3.       Start asking yourself why you need to eat if you don’t need it. Stop eating for fun.

4.       Choose the right food; always go for natural source of food.

5.       Never ever have processed sweets like sugar and salty foods.

6.        Take fruits and honey as a sweet alternative.

7.       Divide your meals into two and have 5-8 small meals a day.

8.       Multiply your weight into 25 and have that amount of calorie per day. Keep checking your weight every 10 days and do the same multiplication each time and that amount of calorie per day.

9.       Never check weight whenever you want but on a scheduled time..

10.   You may not have time to work out but you need to do stretching exercises at least.

All the Best.
- Welstar Peter



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