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My Weight is 84 Kg & My Waist Size is 37 Inches, How To Reduce My Fat?

My Weight is 84 Kg & My Waist Size is 37 Inches, How To Reduce My Fat?


  3228      25/03/2015

Question –

Hi, I'm a 27 year old male. How can I reduce my belly fat? My weight is 84kg, my waist size is 37 inches and I’m 6 feet tall.


Expert Advice –

Hi Laxxx,


You are only 4-6 kgs over weight and you are 3-4 inches above from your ideal weight size. There is nothing much to worry about. Just concentrate on regular cardio vascular training every day for 30-60mins. You can do cross trainer, arx trainer, jogging etc as a cardio training.

Along with the cardio you should also engage in weight training at least twice a week, for muscle gain and fat loss. And obviously your diet will play 80% role in your goal. So follow a saturated fat free diet. A balanced diet in which protein, carbs and fat should be in the ratio of 30:50:20 simultaneously.

Don’t munch in to lots of salt. The ideal salt intake should be one to one and half teaspoon a day. Please note that fat loss never happens on the spot. It will happen overall. So you should be patient to be able to see results on your target area.

Also, you should consult your doctor before you start any diet or exercise program. He can guide you better with your health. Hope you got my point. As you practice this, you will surely get great results.

- Welstar Peter



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