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My Parents Had Troubled Relationship, I am Scared For My Life!

My Parents Had Troubled Relationship, I am Scared For My Life!


  1986      20/12/2014


I am 25, Female. I am highly educated but I don’t have job. I am in a relationship with someone who is too immature to understand me. At home my parents treat me like princess but they don't like each other. This makes me worried about my own life. I don't want the same to happen in my life. I am feeling very depressed, help me.

-  Rina XXXX


Expert Advice –

Dear Rina,

First of all of you have to start looking at the positive things around, like you said at home , you are treated like a princess, which is a very good thing. You should feel proud and happy about this fact and as you mentioned that you are highly educated person, this should also give a boost to your personality because if you are really talented in What you do, right job will definitely fall into place.

And let's talk about your love life, as you said that your partner is too immature to understand you, the question is do you understand him? In love the ideal thought is what we are giving to our partner and not what we are getting from him or her and last but not the least please don't compare your life with your parents. Everyone has their own distinct destiny! Believe in love and stay in love. Enjoy!!

Best Wishes

- Anamika Yaduvanshi



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