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My Mobile Phone Was Snatched & Police Refused To Register My Complain, What Should I Do?

My Mobile Phone Was Snatched & Police Refused To Register My Complain, What Should I Do?


  2790      21/09/2015

Question - 

Dear Sir, I live in sector-66 Noida, and I work night shift in a call center. Last Saturday while I was going back to my house, 3 bikers came & forcibly snatched my mobile phone. I went to the local police station but the police did not register my complain and they did not help me in any way for searching my mobile.  Now I don’t have any way to find my mobile. 

So I want to know that how can I get my mobile back. Please help me sir.


Expert Advice -

Dear Friend,

Every mobile device has an IMEI no which is a unique no that no one can change anyhow so if anyone will use your mobile phone even with a different sim, the mobile can be easily tracked using GPS technology but for that you will have to go to Police again.

Generally police avoids such complaints just to keep the crime record low in their respective areas but if you will be adamant to report the incident and lodging FIR in the matter they won't be able to refuse it. If a local police inspector denies to that, you can approach higher authority like City SP or SSP and explain the entire matter. You can tell them that the local police station is avoiding FIR.

I am sure once you will reach out to higher authorities, police will certainly take some action. But, if you did not get justice even there, approach a local lawyer and explain him your matter. There is a legal procedure in which you can directly approach local court to file FIR in case police is adamant not to register your complaint. So, now you know the remedies and you can certainly get registered your FIR if you are a person who knows how to fight for his rights.

Best of luck.

- Vivek Satya Mitram



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