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My Girlfriend Is Sending Me Mails Saying 'I Miss You' After Break Up

My Girlfriend Is Sending Me Mails Saying 'I Miss You' After Break Up


  2783      27/07/2015

Question –

Hi, I was in a relationship with a girl from last 3 years and last year we mutually broke up and now she started emailing me saying you better move on. You are not the same, I miss u a lot and she used to call me baba and now people call me AP, so she says you are AP for rest of the world but for me you are always baba. All such emails I am getting. What does it mean?


Expert Advice –

Dear friend

From all what I understand of your situation, it isn't easy to handle the after-effects of break-up. Generally, in any couple, one or the other is either emotionally more vulnerable or more attached; this makes it easier for one to overcome quickly, while the other takes time to accept it. Since I don't know the history of your relationship and break-up, I would simply suggest you to wait for some time. If this behaviour is repetitive, try to approach her to understand what disturbs her, and if there is anything she's expecting from your side, without giving her impression of reconciliation (assuming this is what you want). 


All I want to say is there is a possibility accepting life after break-up is difficult for some people, there's a possibility it is one of the concerns for her. The solution for all problems lies in better communication. Give her time, and if it becomes repetitive, then it calls for some clarification and helping her settle with the reality.


All the very best!
Love n light :)
- Kannupriya



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