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My Friends Force Me For Drinking, But I Don't Want To Do It. Help!

My Friends Force Me For Drinking, But I Don't Want To Do It. Help!


  2187      09/03/2015

Question –

I came to the US to pursue my masters. I’m staying with a bunch of people who booze every day. I’m not at all interested in boozing, hukka and stuff like that. As we all stay together in the same house, they regularly force me to booze which I hate.


They tease me very badly just for the reason that I don’t booze. I tried to change my house, but wherever I go, the same scene repeats. They think, they are all great as they have so called great habit of boozing, drugs etc. When they tease me and call me a fool every day. I’m getting depressed badly. Please tell me how to stop them from forcing me to booze? That will be great help if you could give me an advice that would work.  



Expert Advice –

Dear Manxxxxx,

When you are right, be very confident about it and take a clear stand on your principles. Only when you are not sure about your stand on your principle then you start feeling bad when others make fun of you for not adopting harmful habits. At the first stage be assertive in your communication and make it very clear to them that you expect to have your freedom to avoid what you don’t want to just like you give them the freedom to do what they want.

Just ignore the negative comments for a short period and try to manifest active productive life style at least to show them that you are not affected by their comments and nothing can deter you from following your principles. Even if this approach does not stop them from continuing their behavior, take active steps to penetrate into their freedom by giving them constant advices, showing them evidences of the harm associated with their habits through pictures and videos at every possible chance and if you are in contact with their parents you can also inform their parents about such behavior just as an altruistic approach of helping your friends to escape the harmful effects of such habits. 

Take care
-Manoj Raghavan



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