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My Fiance Parents are Opposing Our Marriage Because The Horoscopes Did Not Match, How To Convince Them?

My Fiance Parents are Opposing Our Marriage Because The Horoscopes Did Not Match, How To Convince Them?


  3114      03/09/2015

Question - 
Hi, Me and my fiance are in relationship. From my side my parents have accepted as horoscopes are matching and everything is proper where as on my guy's side, horoscopes are mismatching and due to that his parents are strongly opposing our wish. My parents are waiting for their response as my age is more than 25 years. My parents want to get me married soon. I am really afraid & confused. I can't live without him. He is my life and I am the same for him. Even he is frustrated about it. Please help us.
Expert Advice - 
Dear XXXX,

I agree that this phase of convincing parents and satisfying them about your choice of life partner is not as easy as it seems like in the fairy tales. But with some positive attitude and logical thinking, nothing is impossible. You told me about the horoscope matching and mismatching. I really couldn't understand this confusing statement.
It is hard to believe that the horoscopes once matched, can also be mismatched, How? Please verify this with some better astrologer, who can guide all of you properly. I believe that if both of you are so eager to be with each other, and you have also confirmed that by matching horoscopes, it's better for both the families to meet each other in both of your presence, and clarify everything that bothers or concerns your or his family. As far as horoscopes are concerned, if his family is so reluctant about the mismatch, while you've confirmed it already, make sure to reassure his parents about the matching. Invite his family to meet the astrologer with your family, an astrologer who's renowned yet not in personal contacts of either of the two families.
When there will be unbiased prediction by some professional and better qualified person, provided the information is correct from both sides, all the myths, confusions and reluctance will definitely fade away. In case if you feel that it's difficult to establish this clear and direct communication between the two families, it's definitely a sign that shows their interest and willingness to be associated with you or your family. I also feel that your parents hold a valid point and there's no point in wasting time over a person, who won't be able to justify your presence in his life. It's easier to say that one can always fight for love, but to live with that reality of abandonment isn't as easy. Hence, when involved in heart matters, don't forget to use your brains.
Think logically about your decisions. If his family is able to understand and is willing to reconfirm and clarify their doubts and reluctance, it's worth giving a shot. But don't compromise on your self-respect, if there's too much negative response from their end. This is something 'your guy' should have taken care off prior to promising you bright future.
So just wait and watch, and see how they respond, accordingly make a wise decision.
Wish you a happy life ahead!
- Kannupriya



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