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My Erect Penis Size is 2.6 Inches Only. How To Increase My Penis Size?

My Erect Penis Size is 2.6 Inches Only. How To Increase My Penis Size?


  9728      30/11/2015

Question - 

Hello, I have a query regarding the size of my penis. When I was in teenage, I did not worry about my penis size. Now I am 22 years old and still I find that I have a small penis of size 2.6 inch only when fully erect. How can I  increase my penis size ? And also I am afraid that I would not lead my normal life with this as I have only few years for getting married ! Please suggest me some methods or medicines to enlarge my penis size. And I have also come across many methods and pills for enlarging my penis while searching on Google, will those methods and pills give a good result?
- Vixxxxx


Expert Advice - 

Hello Vxxxxxx,

Thanks for sharing your concern through Advice Adda. Normally, the fully erect and hard penis measures about 3.5 inches to 6-7 inches. It varies from person to person. Every size is normal within this range. I suspect you have not measured your penis properly, or you must have thought it is 2 and half inches just by looking at it.

So I feel you should see a doctor to get physically examined and see if it is really small. Some men have excess fat below their belly, around the penis, so half of the penis is buried into that fat. If you hold the base of the penis between two fingers and press the fat tissue surrounding the penis deeply, you might see the hidden portion of the penis and its actual length.

Probably you will realize that your penis is long but buried due to excess fat. If this is the case with you, doing physical exercises will reduce the fat and reveals the hidden portion of the penis . If the short penis or excess fat is due to some hormone disturbance, the doctor will take care of it too. No other treatment to enlarge the penis will work. Seeing/Consulting a Doctor/Sexologist who is knowledgeable in sexology will help you.

Best wishes.
- Dr Poosha

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