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My Budget is 30 K, Which Laptop is Value For Money?

My Budget is 30 K, Which Laptop is Value For Money?


  2217      21/07/2014

Question - 

Hi Sir, i am looking for a laptop, so need a suggestion regarding which one to go for.
what i want from my laptop is-

1. All the basic functions

2. Durability

3. Suiting my budget which is between 30k-35k

I do not want a very technical stuff as i do not need this for designing purpose. i had gathered some reviews and all of them are suggesting to go for DELL. what would you suggest?

One more confusion is about buying cell phone ! nokia lumia or moto G. which one to go for? budget is 15k. Help please.
thank you.
- Aparna Singh, Delhi


Expert Advice

Hi Aparna,

If your requirement with your computer is only limited to Basic Functions and Internet Surfing, I will suggest you to please opt for a Tablet Computer. Tablet Computer is Super Portable and you can do lots and lots of other stuff with it too. In above 30K you will get iPad and also Samsung's Latest Tablet S.

But if you only want a Laptop computer then Dell is the safest bet, mostly because of its Legendary After Sales Service. 

As for as Smartphone is concerned I will suggest you to go with Moto G. 

All the best.

- Abhishek Telang



Abhishek Telang
Gadget Expert

Tanmay Patange
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