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My Boyfriend Lacks Humor & I Have No Friends In New City, Help!

My Boyfriend Lacks Humor & I Have No Friends In New City, Help!


  2137      20/07/2015

Question –

Hi, I am working in a metro city and stay in a PG. My problem is, I feel very lonely during weekends. I have other girls in my PG but I find them very boring and not of my type. I have a boyfriend with whom I hangout, he is loving and caring but not very humorous. I don't know what to do, I don't find a suitable person to spend time with or interact.

Expert Advice –

I do understand your situation it's not easy to make new friends and find like mind people when your not from that city.

One option is to join some groups. For example, a poetry group, photography groups, even stand up comedy. You could always find one such group that interests you and go for some events they organize, it's a good way of meeting new people. Another option is maybe some office friends and through them you can meet more people.
All you need to begin with is one person and through that one person you can always meet more people and so on.
If you have an option of finding a new PG you could explore that too.
In my opinion however your best bet is to join some group or cause and meet some like minded people.

Good luck
- Meghna Prabhu


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