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My 28 Year Old Son Always Stays Depressed & Lonely, How To Help Him?

My 28 Year Old Son Always Stays Depressed & Lonely, How To Help Him?


  2247      08/04/2015

Question –

I have two sons. My elder son remains in sick from his childhood. He was in the ICU in the year 2010 due to low blood pressure. Now he is out of danger & in present he is continuing medicine Zenretard300 & it will be stopped in the year 2017. MRI etc is already done.

This is as per the advice of the Doctor. His age is 28 years. He is passing his days lonely & mostly he do not go out from home & always rests on his bed. He does not participate in home's work or debate & attend any function/celebration etc. He looks frustrated & under depression although he is a talkative person. He wants only "YES" from other persons in his views. How he will come out? He has no job also although he has completed BBA.
- Ravi Sxxxxx,



Expert Advice –

Dear Ravi ji,

The symptoms described by you correspond to the side effects of Zenretard300. Since doctors have prescribed him this medication, it cannot be stopped. Here are a few tips to help your son -

Teach him to value himself

When he values himself, he will take actions to take care of himself. This means being decently healthy, watching what you eat a little, eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting down on the junk food, exercising occasionally, going outside to enjoy nature, maintaining your personal hygiene, taking showers often, shaving, cutting your hair, brushing your teeth, taking care of your skin, etc.

Persuade him to go outside! Go with him!

Being inside only makes you sadder. Going outside daily, even if it is for a short 10 minute span, will help tremendously. Being outside means you will likely be at least walking around and any kind of physical activity releases endorphins. Endorphins are natural happy makers.

Take a small step first. Start by going to a neighbourhood park or marketplace. Eventually, take him out of his comfort zone.

Promote healthy eating and drinking

Eat seasonal vegetables, fresh fruits and plenty dry fruits/ nuts. Drinking water/ coconut water/ fresh fruit juices helps the body stay fresh, which in turns keeps the mind fresh. Make ‘junk’ meals healthy by substituting flour pasta with wheat pasta, pizza base with think crust base, sugar with jaggery (gurh).

Encourage him to pick up new hobbies and skills

- Join a hobby class such as theatre, creative writing, dancing, singing, learning an instrument
- Once is interest is established, he will find it easier to move out of the house and be constructively occupied.

Practise deep breathing exercises

Pranayama, deep breathing, meditation all help relax and rejuvenate an individual. If done properly, they will also help the person get motivated!


If problems still persist, see a counsellor/ psychologist. There is no better help than professional help!

- Dr Rachna K Singh



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