Madhuri Ruia

Madhuri Ruia
20 Years Experience

Not once in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would become a nutritionist and founder of my gym, with its robust team of 25 fitness driven individuals.
I enrolled for my nutrition studies and set out to change my health, and of course career. I also learnt aerobics, Pilates to know more about the human body inside out, and to work out several permutations and combinations and ways to induce people to become fit.
Today, almost 2 decades later, I have evolved into a powerful health and fitness motivator. As a result it makes it easy for me to help clients empower people to be healthy and fit. I am really good at convincing my clients that more than following calories blindly, focus on being Consistent with meal and exercise timings. I have mastered strategies to maintain meal timings and to stop being sedentary exercise habits even when clients are traveling or eating out or have a busy day packed with meetings.

Weight loss nutrition plan, Muscle gain nutrition plan, Anti-ageing diet, Detox diet, Diabetes management diet

Qualification: Sports Nutrition - K11 Fitness Academy Mumbai, 2011

School/College/University: Bachelor in Sports Nutrition (ACEND) - Huntington College, USA

Year: 2001

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