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Left My Career of 15 years Because of Office Politics, Depressed

Left My Career of 15 years Because of Office Politics, Depressed


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Question –

I am a 35 years old man. I had a bright career and I served as a top executive with many MNCs but due to some personal issues and politics against me in the office I went into depression and I ended up losing my job. Now I feel that I chose a wrong career though I am competitive enough but the environment in that industry that I worked was not favorable for me in terms of my personality, my values and my style of work. At this stage of life when I have already spent around 15 years in a particular industry, I don't want to go back to the same. I don't have enough money to start a business of my own and I have family responsibilities as well.

I am not able to figure out what to do. As I am no more in the situation to make compromises with my job, career and values. I am feeling depressed, I don't have anyone to share all this with. Sometimes I want to end my life. Can you help me out with this?
- Rajiv


Expert Advice –


Dear Rajiv,


It seems that you feel suffocated while thinking about your present position.  To tell you the truth it is obvious to feel this way - at this juncture of life.  First of all just know it - its normal to feel so frustrated when you have worked in some area for 15 odd years that you did not like. As you have mentioned that the environment is not as per your personality, value and style, still you stretched on for 15 odd years.  It’s not only your challenge but a challenge at large - that we do something which we don't love because we don't know how to proceed to do what we love.  And now when the water reaches a boiling point and ​we​ are not able to handle it we​ just break down. 


I am a Life & Passion coach and generally see this challenge in many young people who come to me with a challenge about their jobs - they come and crib about their job environment, their bosses and politics but when asked that why they are still in that job - they have no definite answer. Now to give you hope here I would like to say that you don't need to stay in this position for long.  Just get rid of thoughts of age and wasted time.  May be the time has come to you for starting afresh.  But as you said you have left the job there or you lost it - whatever is the case - first you need to pick any job which you can get a hold of so that the monthly expenses of your house hold can be taken care of.  Remember you don't have to stay in that job forever - that must be your thought process.


And then think what you like to do.  What you are good at.  What is it that is offered to you & you will do it happily.  Don't limit yourself to any boundaries - after all its just thinking.  And if you can find even a slight hint of what you really love to do - just think it through and look for opportunities in that area. Whether business or job.  But the area should be - where you feel valued, where you want to work, which you really like.  And just don't worry about the age - many successful people can vouch for this that they have found their passion - their area of interest in the odd years of their lives. 


So don't just bother about your age - just come out and take your first action to find a job which can take care of your monthly expenses and then start finding your inner voice.  I wish you good luck and can give you hope that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON - A DEFINITE Reason. May be​​ something even better is waiting for you.


All the best.
- Mahesh Sharma



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