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Ladies! Follow These Tips to Spot Hidden Cameras in Your Vicinity

Ladies! Follow These Tips to Spot Hidden Cameras in Your Vicinity



  5419      20/09/2014

We posted a news story yesterday about hidden camera in a girl’s hostel’s washroom in Noida. Incidents like these are intrusion in a person’s privacy. This can also be termed as ‘Voyeurism’, which is deemed as a shameful act by the society. Peeping people when they are at any private room such as a bathroom, trial room, washroom, gym or dressing room is a "Visual Rape". It's better not to be a victim of "Visual Rape" than prosecuting after being a victim, beware of private room's in public places and some hotels. We never know someone may be filming us in private rooms intentionally for sexual desires while undressing.

2 ways by which privacy is violated:

  • Hidden Spy Cam
  • Two way Mirror

How to Detect Hidden Spy Cam in Dressing Room

There are cameras which are smaller in size that could capture HD videos and possibly hides its presence from human eye. So conduct this simple test to check whether you are really "Private" with no hidden cameras monitoring. 

  • Enter trial room with your mobile phone and ensure mobile signal to make calls.
  • Try to make call inside the private room; if there is a "Hidden Camera" you cannot make calls due to interference of fiber optics during signal transfer which blocks mobile calls.
  • Making calls without any interference is the sign of Camera free room.

Note: There exist some problem with the above test in low signal areas - Entering closed cabin with low mobile signal will further vanish the meager signal earlier available, hence result in out of coverage.


How to Identify 2 Way Mirror in Private Rooms

Hidden spy cameras are not the only see through devices installed in private rooms. Close observation is needed even on the seemingly mirrors fixed all around the wall. It is not that easy to identify the real mirrors just by looking at it to determine what type of Mirror we are looking for, conduct this simple test listed below.

  • Finger Nail Test - Place your tip of the fingernail on the mirror, and if you can see gap between the reflection and your fingernail then it’s an Ordinary second surface mirror. If the reflection is very close to the finger nail then it’s a two way mirror.

  • Peer through the mirror: 2 way mirror's are coated with a tinted mirror pane substance, simply like sun screen guard for cars, that can partially allow light, which can reflects the image from one side and let see from the other side.  Try to peer through the mirror too close and create a tunnel to block light from the private room to see through the room behind.
  • Torch Test: In order for the 2 way mirror to work properly, one side of the room (i.e. private/dressing) room must be very bright, while the other side observation room must be dark. It’s a simple test, just like a man at the dark side can see the man underneath the bright light side. 
  • Turn off the private room lights and light up a flash light or torch light against the surface of the mirror, if there is an observation room behind the wall, then the light from the torch should make the observation room visible from the private room.



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